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Make your computer an access point or hotspot for other devices and users. Download Connectify for free to your computer, a perfect tool for travellers


Turn your PC into a hotspot

October 31, 2023
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Connectify is a hotspot that will allow you to use your computer as an access point to share the Internet connection with other users and devices or, even, increase the range of your router. This tool acts as a router designed to provide access to the network to devices like laptops, mobile phones, video game consoles...

Share the Internet on all your devices

The software can be used on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 RC2, and it's prepared to share any kind of connection. It's compatible with a vast amount of Wi-Fi connection devices and it's possible to increase the security of the network thanks to the protection by means of a WPA2 encrypted password.

Turn any Windows computer into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The main advantage of this software is that it doesn't require additional hardware. A single connection is enough to provide Internet to the rest of devices with the subsequent saving that this involves.

Connectify is perfect for users that travel a lot and need to provide a connection to other devices. Check if your Wi-Fi card is compatible with this system to enjoy all the advantages that you will have access to if you download Connectify for free.

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